I Nebrodi - Associazione Naturalistica

What we'll do

We are naturalistic guides, operating in the Nebrodi Natural Park, the biggest protected area in the Sicily. We organize hiking, trekking and bike tours, mostly throught unexpected and amazing corners of this area: beautiful woods, mountains lakes, rivers and waterfalls (in summer). We manage an old mill (no longer warking) located in a beautiful place, where we organize a lot of thematic and naturalistic events.

What we'll provide

Our guides have botanical, geological and zoological knowledges and our Association will allow you to discover nature, tipical food, landscapes and popular traditions of Nebrodi Mountains. For us, the most important thing is to transmit our passion and emotion for our land!

Who can come

Our activities are suitable for families, with easy walks, but also for trekkers who want discover the wildest areas of the Nebrodi mountains


Tassita Wood
It 's a very easy and short route, suitable for everyone. Tassita is a very interesting wood - from a naturalistic point of view - as it is mainly covered by large yews (Taxus baccata, Tertiary relict species). This fenced 50 hectares area (about 123 acres) is accessible through a Forest Service trail, which runs along the protected area centre. In the beginning the dirt road leading to the area goes through a thick beech forest and after about 1.5 km there's a clearing and it's worth making a short detour south to Pomiere Portella, along the Ridge Nebrodi. From this area you can admire a magnificent view both towards the north (from Stream Caronia basin to the sea) and towards the south where the majestic Mount Etna dominates the green hills of the hinterland of Sicily. From here in a few minutes you have access to the fenced area of the Tassita along a practicable trail (that is partially paved) prepared by the Forest Service. The distinctive yew tree is also called "tree of death" as its small red berries are poisonous to animals. Inside the area, you can admire monumental specimens of beech and sycamore maple. Bird fauna is characterized by the presence of woodpeckers, wood pigeon, blackbird, jay, thrush. Among the rapacious birds, you can see buzzards and kestrels. The route has no difficulties and it is suitable for all. Hiking boots or sneakers with non-slip soles. Water (1 litre)




Santo Stefano di Camastra Via Rosario Livatino


Prices starts from 10 euro per person and depends on the experience
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